Computer Passwords

We CAN make password generation and recall easier!! Here's How: Can you find a pattern in these Passwords?

'P'W WVHVJ6 2J3q0J

h77Vn2u3A3 S0JJ3?ouIHJ 33zuVdw1H? 1Sd3d_23IP N0510d 6uV2SnW 2NVHd373 :S37dwVx3

zhxMA n25Jb d0uW7X f1H64 3P?qV

SJ32237 32n212sqnS uM0P 3P1sdn 3s3H2 3sn_PNV uWoP 3pI5dn 21 NJn2 u3H2 'PJ0M P3JJ3qW3M3J h7ISV3 huV 3so0H? h7dW1S sPJ0W5SVd W3u 32VJ3N36 02

Now Try turning them all upside down!
Yours truly,
Robert Graham MD

The above was a letter I received from my dad. I went ahead and created a little jsfiddle to perform the conversion he was describing. Test it out over on jsfiddle or below.